Version 5.3.1

Donnerstag Juli 26, 2018

This version of medialoopster is primarily a bugfix release. Additionally it contains improvements for asset housekeeping and multi site workflows. To to facilitate the integration with third party systems, we extended the functionality of the medialoopster REST API.



Housekeeping for project assets

The housekeeping automations can now be used for project assets.


  • Setting a default withdraw date when sharing assets.
  • Fixed duplicate check when adding items to existing favorites lists.
  • Display of hires status in favorites lists now corresponds to search results display.
  • Project assets can now be copied and deleted via REST API.
  • Sidecar XML files can now be written on FTP devices.
  • Fixed bugs when editing multiple assets metadata.
  • Fixed several bugs when routing tasks for shared assets.
  • Fixed missing keyword display in audio asset metadata.