Version 5.6.1

Montag Februar 3, 2020

This version is a bugfix release and solves several issues from version 5.6.0. In addition, the housekeeping reports were designed more clearly.


  • Improvement: Archived assets are now indicated in housekeeping report mails.
  • Bugfix: XML declaration and doctype are now included in the FCP7 XML file when it is sent to external render engines.
  • Bugfix: Ingest Control now ensures that MovieRecorder always returns the correct file path.
  • Bugfix: Errors during transfers with transcoding to external devices no longer result in changes to the asset metadata.
  • Bugfix: Asset initialization now works correctly for video files containing a cover image.
  • Bugfix: The Rough Cut Editor now considers timecode offsets when displaying timecode.
  • Bugfix: Audio assets now get the hold duration of the target device after the browser upload, not the upload device.
  • Bugfix: Tooltips for long asset names in search results are no longer displayed multiple times.
  • Bugfix: The re-generation of video proxy can be forced again in the management and administration interface.
  • Bugfix: The keyboard shortcut "E" for favorites list export in the browser works again.