What is the difference between Media Asset Management (MAM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

Thursday September 13, 2018

MAMs and DAMs store content, help find content and use what they find. Regardless of the type of content and the final goal, both systems are about finding and using content quickly.

But what is the difference?

A MAM system is the heart of a video, audio or image workflow. It is part of the A/V production process and allows editors to store their content in a central location and access it with their editing tools such as Adobe Premiere (and others).

A DAM system focuses on managing, finding, and reusing brand-related content within an organization. This content is largely sales and marketing related and includes logos, marketing materials, or product photos.


This depends on which strengths you are looking for!

If you work primarily with video and audio and need tight integration with third-party systems, you should look for a MAM system.

If you mainly need to manage brand and marketing materials in the form of photos, graphics and text, i.e. very different types of assets, a DAM system is the right choice.

Advantages of MAM and DAM systems

- Import and export of content

- Centrally manage and store content

- Enrich content with metadata

- Quick search for content

- Easily share content and share with others

- Cooperation between departments and locations

- Sustainable reuse of content