Version 5.4.2

Friday March 8, 2019

This release is a bugfix release and fixes bugs from version 5.4.1. The focus here is on bugfixes that affect the search behaviour.


  • Bugfix: Browser autofill can overwrite credentials for FTP devices.
  • Bugfix: The rebuilding of the search index may not be complete under certain conditions.
  • Bugfix: The progress indicator for the rebuild of the search index is not displayed.
  • Bugfix: Search results are not sorted by score.
  • Bugfix: Search hits in sequence metadata fields are not displayed in search results.
  • Bugfix: Searching the duration of video or audio assets does not return results in the hours range
  • Bugfix: The asset approval status is not taken into account in the search results.
  • Bugfix: Certain strings in the asset name can cause display errors in the highlighting of search results.
  • Bugfix: Editing custom metadata fields is not possible after reloading the page with the asset edit mode active.
  • Bugfix: Some video action buttons become inactive in asset edit mode.