Version 5.7.1

Friday July 24, 2020

This version is a bugfix release and solves several issues from version 5.7.0.  


  • Assets with date information prior to 1.1.1970 can now be added again to the search index.
  • The asset last modified date is updated only when metadata is changed and not when the asset edit mode is activated.
  • In the ingest control interface, even with full user permissions, the destinations are re-loaded and activated when ingest templates are loaded.
  • Fixed display problems in the Timeline Actions menu of the Rough Cut Editor.
  • The log level verbosity has been set to the default value "INFO". It is no longer necessary to define it in the settings file for this log level.
  • The migration process of the search index from Elasticsearch 5 to Elasticsearch 7 has been improved.
  • Improved reliability when re-indexing the search index in multiprocess mode.
  • An error in the license management was fixed in conjunction with several RabbitMQ clusters.