5 reasons for MAM (Media Asset Management)

In addition to the traditional media industry, more and more industrial companies, institutes, institutions, public authorities and associations are producing video content.

  • 85% of all companies already produce their own videos.
  • By 2025, the global data volume will grow to 175 zettabytes, 80% of which will be digital video content.
  • 35% of all data could be leveraged, but currently only 3% percent of that data is content tagged.

Although more video data is generated every day than ever before, only a small percentage is organized and analyzed. Companies across all industries face the problem of organizing, tagging, and quickly retrieving and thus reusing specific content from video data. Let us show you the possibilities of using a media asset management system, like medialoopster, to overcome the problems caused by growing video content in companies.

Here are the top 5 reasons to use a media asset management system :

  1. You can find video content extremely fast
    Because if you can't find something, you don't have it. An effective media asset management system provides you with all the powerful and custom metadata tools you need to catalog and tag your content.

  2. You can set up a workflow that makes video production faster
    The ease of searching your video footage and finding ideal sequences within seconds reduces your production time and makes your job easier. You can back up and manage your content in an organized way. Use artificial intelligence to automate workflows and increase the exploitation rate of your media.

  3. You can optimize collaboration within your team and with clients
    Bring projects, files, and teams together and enable seamless collaboration with teammates or even clients in one place.

  4. You can easily manage user rights
    In a MAM, users (users) can be created and assigned to multiple groups/projects. This ensures that only authorized users can access the corresponding projects. At the same time, video content can be made available to selected user groups.

  5. You can increase video output and thus boost productivity
    With an effective MAM, you are able to optimize each video production by using the right content at the right time and by leveraging your own "inventory" material collected during other productions. Thus, the value of your videos is significantly increased.

A media asset management system is all about harnessing the potential that lies within the videos and increasing the video output many times over! And thus significantly increase the value of the videos! With medialoopster Media Asset Management you have the chance to tag your video content with metadata, organize, use and reuse it across all your locations worldwide. With the help of artificial intelligence, the processes are automated and the degree of utilization of the content is significantly increased.