Version 6.3

Wednesday August 31, 2022

With version 6.3, medialoopster comes with a connector to Azure Video Indexer for the automatic generation of video keywords. Additionally, the search features have been enhanced and the support of new features in the Adobe Premiere Panel as well as in the API has been implemented.  


Connector for Azure Video Indexer The new medialoopster version contains a connector to the Azure Video Indexer service. This allows content analyses to be triggered directly from within medialoopster. The results are automatically assigned as keywords to the medialoopster video assets.   New search option to filter by field content With version 6.3, medialoopster comes with an additional search option. With this new option, it is possible to search depending on whether a metadata field contains a value or not. This allows considerably more precise search results, particulary in combination with custom metadata fields.   New features for the Adobe Premiere Panel medialoopster now supports the new version 1.4.0 of the medialoopster panel for Adobe Premiere. With this version, the sequence name is automatically applied to the title field for exports via the export tab. It is also possible to generate automatic file names for exports. The asset names can be assigned separately.  

Further improvements

  • The capabilities of the medialoopster API have been improved.
  • Group permissions can now be defined for the use of external workflows via webhooks.
  • The internal handling of file transfers has been improved to ensure that medialoopster-internal processes are no longer influenced by long-running file exports.
  • The display of transfer activities in the medialoopster administration has been improved.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error that could cause the creation of new periodic tasks not to work right away..
  • The import of video assets with very high data rates no longer leads to errors..
  • Updating the status of archive activities when archiving large project assets with Archiware P5 could fail in some cases. This error has been fixed..
  • Fixed an error that could cause image assets with very long file names to block the search for project assets..
  • Searching for transcript content now works properly in all cases..
  • Fixed a bug that caused asset thumbnails not to be displayed in the Adobe Premiere panel when a relative proxy URL was used in the production settings..
  • Multiple downloads with a size of more than 4GB can now be performed successfully again..
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent users from performing asset transfers despite having permission to do so.