nachtblau offers an all-in-one solution mediabox

Wednesday October 26, 2022

Compact appliance for media asset management and storage

nachtblau presented its new all-in-one solution mediabox for the first time at this year's IBC.

The mediabox combines everything needed for a professional video workflow:

  • A perfectly tailored MAM and storage solution for a professional video workflow
  • Unique, low-cost combined solution compared to individual solutions
  • Simple setup thanks to pre-installed version of medialoopster
  • Efficient usage and management of media content
  • Flexible usage in different locations
  • Expandable/scalable as required

One for all: mediabox

The all-in-one mediabox solution was designed for a broad target audience. For small and medium-sized companies that need a fully fledged production system, but have limited funds available. Also for larger companies looking to expand their systems or in need of a standalone solution for a short-term project.

Pre-installed: medialoopster

The mediabox comes pre-installed with the medialoopster MAM system, which simplifies and accelerates the workflow in video production. Especially for the video and audio sector, nachtblau develops AI applications that can be used with the MAM system medialoopster to automate recurring tasks and workflows in video production.

Benefits of our MAM system:

  • Intuitive operation
  • Rapid workflows
  • Connection to AI services
  • Collaboration
  • Real-time access to media data
  • Rough-cut editor, and many more.

Incredibly easy, unbeatably flexible.

mediabox is not just extremely simple to set up, but is also very easy to use and maintain.

  • Plug and play: after switching on, there is minimal configuration needed and you can get started straight away
  • Independent of infrastructure: no technical in-house support or separate server room required
  • Configurable via web GUI: an intuitive web GUI enables server administration, backup routines and comprehensive monitoring
  • Non-proprietary: the solution can be easily scaled and upgraded in the future

To ensure that our mediabox meets your company’s needs, we focused a lot on flexibility during the design – our mediabox can be customised in many ways:

  • Storage size can be scaled up to 400 TB
  • Customisable number of users – up to several hundred
  • Different mediabox models for every need – from the SSD Performance model to models featuring an LTO connection and silent case models
  • Expandable with additional components
  • Can be connected to up to 6 Adobe Premiere Pro editing suites without any additional